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AI integrated with IoT - the simple way

Focus on
> digitalization, not operation delivers data security standards that fully adhere to the most progressive data privacy laws, making the perfect cloud solution for your IoT and Industry 4.0 tasks.

Focus on
> innovation, not budgets

Innovation and disruption come with both high costs and risks. Don't think about both. enables innovation and reduces the initial costs as a unique SaaS platform, enabling AI seamlessly.

Focus on
> collaboration, not inflexibility 

Our unmatched Zero Trust design and low-code approach give developers the power for rapid prototyping and ultra-fast real-world products that are fully API driven.

Your advantages

  • Full cost control with minimal TCO
  • Low code UI, dashboard and CLI
  • Generative AI plugin
  • Scalability up to billions of devices
  • Zero-Trust concept
  • Fully managed SaaS

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