recasta is the state-of-the-art backbone for your entire IoT fleet

The digital age is bringing about new business models that all companies that want to stay ahead must take advantage of. Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are opening up new potential for all businesses. Open source helps to automate, scale, and innovate.

the recasta team

Thank you for your interest in the Recasta IoT Cloud, a cloud-based IoT platform that enables you to connect and manage your IoT devices fast and securely with minimal TCO.
Soon you can attach IoT systems, play around with the API, and test everything—for free and with no strings attached for 30 days and 50 MB of historical data.

recasta is based on Kubernetes and uses artificial intelligence technologies for providing device management solutions. You can visualize clusters of devices within your organization and set permissions up to the device level. You can also communicate with your devices in real-time or two-way mode.

One of the unique features of recasta is its graph-based authorization system, which allows you to create arbitrary hierarchical ontologies for your devices and users. For example, you can grant access to specific sub-devices or sensors to specific users or suppliers.

Before you start, we also encourage you to read the documentation. More user-friendly documentation will follow ASAP, as well as more features. As soon as you have registered you can immediately start to play with our Swagger API


Compliant and Zero Trust - by Design

Most modern AIoT cloud availabe is a powerful, multi-tenant IoT platform designed to enable rapid, secure connectivity for IoT devices with minimal total cost of ownership. Our innovative graph-based authorization system provides unparalleled granularity in access control, allowing users to control exactly who can access their data and how. Users can granularly control who can access their data.

Data Security and Data Sovereignty enables you to securely and legally store, share, and collaborate on your device data. We use high-end encryption standards to guarantee secure message transmission. Our MQTT broker accepts only certificates that are known by the signed CA and makes sure that not yet known but trusted devices can send data into a dedicated secure queue.

Fully, unmatched scalability

Our highly scalable backend can power millions of devices at your fingertips. Whether you run a few hundred or millions of devices, is fully scalable.

Ready to go plugins

Are you a digital agency or a public or government body looking for solutions that are ready to be implemented quickly and seamlessly? With our powerful plugins, available as open source and free of charge on our GitHub, you can add greater value to your users and customers, allowing them to rapidly prototype and get up and running faster than ever before. Experience the power of recasta today and check out our already available plugins, all open source and freely available in our GitHub space:

  • Elastic - Connect recasta seamless into Elastic 
  • Timeseries AnalyticsRedis Timeseries plugin with Grafana for Time Series Analysis and rapid prototyping, can be used in production when configured as a Redis cluster and ready to be hosted via Redis Cloud
  • SAPHana - connect devices over the API to any SAP Hana instance
  • Snowflake - connect devices over the API to any Snowflake instance
  • Cloud Connect - connect devices over the API to public clouds like AWS, GCP and Azure. This plugin enables customers to use their own cloud infrastructure and extend recasta to other services using their own cloud native data pipelines and integration tools.

Minimum TCO

Do you want the latest and greatest in IoT technology while keeping a low total cost of ownership? Look no further! Our highly scalable backend is tailored to ensure minimal costs as you expand your device fleet. Plus, we are continuously enhancing our platform with no extra or unexpected fees! Our unparalleled scalability will give you peace of mind while your business grows.

Seamless integration offers straight-forward data-sharing for AI and ML procedures. No matter if you are building smart products or leveraging IoT devices to improve your processes, recasta integrates seamlessly into your software landscape. Connecting your IoT data into your backend systems like SAP®, IBM Watson IoT®, Salesforce®, or any other enterprise system has never been easier.

Technical specifications

MQTT support for version 3 and 5
State management
Device shadow (digital twin)
Graph-based permission management (multi-dimensional permissions at data layer)
TLS 1.2 / 1.3 support
Device-to-Cloud and Cloud-to-Device messages
Integrated persistence data layer
Timeseries analytics
Single Device API (free tier) and performance API (upgrade)

Text API endpoints

Beta Access: Register here for beta access
MQTT (TLS 1.2):

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