User Experience Designer (IoT)

Our mission is to give people the power to build ultra-large IoT fleets, sensor networks and meshed information systems around the globe and behind. We're building a different kind of company that connects billions of devices around the world, gives them ways to share data and create a data-driven economy for everyone. Together, we help people build spheres and communities around sensors, networks and other things people want to connect - we're just getting started.

Because of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we will grow into an industry leader for cloud based AIoT across the globe. The driving force behind this success is our unwavering belief in clear and effective communication.
We are looking for an UX Frontend Designer, obsessed by diagrams, measurements and clean design ideas. This User Experience Designer (IoT) will be part of our engineering team, working in Agile methodologies in support of the overall company strategy.
You’re not just another UX Designer: While this User Experience Designer should have senior level skills in Design Thinking, Sketch, Figma, Asana, Notion and InVision, this designer skill-set must include the ability to demonstrate and facilitate Design Thinking methodology based exercises for the fascinating world of IoT and IIoT. 

This UX Designer will also have key knowledge of coding language and frameworks, ideally in Angular, React, Vue or similar frameworks. This will facilitate better communications with development and engineering as well as evaluating new technologies for the presentation layer. This position requires a mix of strong UX skills, UI design, testing, persuasive communications, team collaboration and vetting of customer feedback. Our ideal candidate will be driven by the desire to be the user advocate. The candidate will be passionate about gathering insights based on direct observation, global patterns, business and design thinking to create products that are intuitive, effective, and require minimal training.
Our core service offering is a Saas based IoT platform, extendable into any kind of API connected system, leverage modern technologies like beacon or push based communication, alarming and information transportation. Our IoT Saas platform is a comprehensive collection of micro-services that allow our enterprise customers to manage device/asset performance, metrics, usage, diagnostics, analytics and automation rules.

Who you are

  • You must have a portfolio demonstrating your abilities to satisfy the requirements
  • You should have had at least 4 years of real world experience
  • Previous work in teams and collaborative organizations
  • freelance demonstrating “self-starter” and proactivity, is highly desirable

What you'll do

  • Research Fielding and selecting users to interview based on role and use case
  • Working with the product design director/ux team to determine when to use specific exercises
  • Facilitating the design thinking exercises with product team members
  • Synthesizing the results for an informed, action recommendation
  • Providing design and product UX leadership for feature initiatives which impact millions of our Saas platform users
  • Working within the methodologies of Design Sprint in conjunction with Design Thinking practices when applicable

What you've done

  • Bachelor’s degree in Game Design, Software Design or Machine Interface Design
  • 2-4 years’ industry experience as an exceptional and progressive UX designer
  • Proven ability to quickly learn and understand complex topics
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills, with a keen eye for detail
  • Experience working with engineering to improve user experience: design, UI, and help refine content and create visuals and diagrams for technical content

Instant application

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