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4 Top Applications of IoT in Smart Energy

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart power meters, and smart electrical appliances gives consumers of electricity the ability to monitor energy consumption and have an option to determine their consumption, resulting in energy savings. These advances in technology arise due to the connection of sensors and appliances. This is made possible because LoT's value is in creating interactions for gathering data and leveraging it. infrastructure makes it possible to capture and analyze sensor data in real time.


Digital connected customers

Our technology can help customers be more informed about their energy usage. Internet-connected smart meters collect usage data and send it to both utilities and customers remotely. Thanks to smart meter technology, many energy companies now send their customers detailed reports about their energy usage.
Other devices, such as intelligent thermostats, can automatically optimize their operation to reduce energy use and also help heat operators better weight out the delivery pipelines.


Smart distributed grids

The energy grid is becoming more and more fragmented and distributed thanks to the rise of solar roofs, heat pumps, batteries, and electric cars. Residential solar capacity has grown rapidly in recent years and could grow by more than three times to 41 gigawatts by 2025 in the US alone, according to an analysis from Credit Suisse. Homeowners and businesses can now generate their own electricity by placing solar panels on their roofs or even building small wind turbines on their properties. This increasingly distributed power system represents a major change for energy companies, and former consumers are now prosumers—they consume and produce energy at the same time.
This presents a challenge to grid operators, but smart grid technology powered by is helping to enable this distributed energy transformation. Smart grids use the Internet of Things to detect changes in electricity supply and demand and can react to these changes autonomously or provide operators with the information they need to more precisely manage demand. gives the advantage not only based on the real-time knowledge of the situation. Many devices control the situation and correct it when it’s not meeting the standards.


Predictive and preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance means replacing parts of the grid before they actually cause blackouts or other serious problems. Therefore, using brings enormous benefits by default, as in the example of data sharing at the message level. An operator could share parts of the data with suppliers to find the best time to replace parts.
Using in predictive maintenance is a great way of using IoT in energy. Smart grids collect much more data than the typical manual energy metering system. This permits the use of data analysis techniques and the preparation of highly realistic consumption forecasts as many more variables are taken into account. The opportunities for smart grid analytics are expanding because there's exponentially more data available to develop analytical models.


Workers safety and disaster prevention

Solutions, built with, can also be used improve workers and operational safety and prevent production accidents, thus the consequences can be reduced or in the best case complexly erased.
As example, PG&E has been using autonomous drones to find methane leaks during the Northern California wildfires. The drones communicated to the control system which, in turn, automatically isolated leaks until the damage was fixed by the crew on-site. The organization has been testing this approach to conduct routine infrastructure inspections as well.
Another large energy provider uses smart wearables in workers protection clothes to warn them when they enter dangerous areas. All those events can be captured, stored and analyzed using the integrated time series capabilities of to build reports how the safety for on-site crews can be increased.

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